Testimonial: Impact on Self-Esteem


As a child, I struggled with my weight. Sports and athletics have helped me build confidence, determination, and perseverance. They helped me feel healthy. As a child and teenager, my teams became my family. When I was at practice, I was safe and with individuals that cared about me. I spent every moment I could in the gym, on the field, or running, to become stronger and better each day.

Being involved in sports helped to develop the life skills necessary to go to college and become a productive adult. Without my coaches and teammates, and had I not been had the opportunity to play, I would not be the person I am today. I owe the world to the coaches that I had along the way who bought me my running shoes and basketball shoes, made sure I had food to eat, and encouraged me along the way.

As an adult, being active and working out keeps me focused and driven while living a healthy lifestyle. Some of my most life changing and inspiring moments have been through endurance running and exercise. Sports have truly shaped my life.